APT-SC18.2 Triumphs at Caister Soul Weekend 2019!

Building on the success of the Apt – SC 18.1Sub cabinet, we’ve expanded our sub range with a twin version of this ever popular product.

The Apt – SC 18.2  was specifically designed to be used with the Apt – TB1281and made its debut at the 40th Anniversary Caister Soul Weekender, which took place at Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth at the beginning of May 2019.

Bernie Martin of Warehouse Light & Sound, who bought the system to hit the high notes on the event’s main stage said:

“Graham always comes up with the goods, this is the third generation of speakers that I have bought from him. Apt-GB’s products are always professionally made and give big, crystal clear sounds from small speakers.”

Many big name soul artists played at the event including DJs John Osborne & Simon Van Os. Simon Van Os had the pleasure of testing a small part of the final product. Simon told Bernie that he loved the new system’s sound.

This is the third generation of speakers that Bernie has purchased from Graham. He tells us that he keeps returning to Apt-GB products because we know and build exactly what he wants.

The system used at Caister replaced a hybrid JBL system and when we took the Apt-SC18.2 and TB1281 to Bernie to demo, he was sold on the sound immediately and, because he knows that we “always come up with the goods“, making the purchase was made easy for him.

The Apt-SC18.2 is a high output twin 18″ with a power rating of 3.2Kw AES and used with the TB1281 is a medium to long throw system, but is also compatible with all products across the Apt GB range.

It will be coming to the website soon. In the meantime, please contact us for more information on this valuable new addition to the Apt-GB range.