Event Tech rave about Apt-GB’s system

Event Tech took an Apt-GB system to Newton Abbot Racecourse for the South West Auto Sport festival  which took place on 11 & 12 May 2019. They couldn’t wait to tell us how much they loved our products.

Combining two Apt-TB1281s with 4 Apt-SC18.1s and our new QDSP-10K 4 Channel Amp created an impressive system that went down a storm.

Event Tech provided sound, lighting and staging for the entire South West Auto Sport event. The company is a new to the industry lighting, sound and staging company based in Plymouth. They thrive on positive feedback, so choosing the right equipment to do the job is imperative.

Barry from Event Tech said:

“We came across Apt-GB from a mutual friend who has used the kit in the past. Apt-GB were new to us, so would be lying if I said I wasn’t dubious about using their kit for the first time but when it turned up, with its compact size, it blew us away. From the hefty thump of the SC18.1 subs to the way the TB1281 mid and top cuts through was unbelievable.

What I was most impressed with is that you hardly had to eq anything!  the sound was crisp even at high volume and the throw is unbelievable, we had everything from solo acoustic artists to full bands and the quality of sound never changed. Every note played and every word spoken was crystal clear from the start.  

The QDSP-10K amps, despite the compact size, packed a huge punch with plenty of power and headroom and didn’t even hesitate when the subs kicked in. When you have large name performers comment on how good that system sounds then you know you have done something right. 

This compact punchy system definitely has a place in the market. 

Hats off to APT they have done a fantastic job.”