Apt-TB1281 & SC18.1 Tour Package

Package includes:

2 x TB1281 Horn loaded medium throw cabinet with a flat non-aggressive sound reproduction, with a high output.

2 x TB1281 Wheel Boards.

4 x SC18.1 Single 18″ Subwoofer with castors.

2 x APT QDSP-10K 4 Channel Amplifiers.

Rated Power:
Horn loaded 700w AES low mid (12" woofer 3" coil)
Horn loaded 250w AES high mid & 50w 1.4" HF, SC18.1 - 1600w AES
Recommended Amplifier Power:
LF - 1000w RMS & 500w - Mid/High, Sub - 2500w
Rated Impedance:
8Ω on all drivers
SPL (1w/1m):
101dB low mid
104dB high mid & HF,
96dB Sub
Tops- 1x 12" woofer with a 3" voice coil (wired on +- 1)
1x 8" woofer & 1.4" HF with 2.5Khz passive crossover (wired on +-2), Subs - 1 x 18" Woofer
IP Rating:
TB1281 - 15mm Birch plywood,
SC18.1 - 18mm Birch Plywood
Metal Grill:
TB1281 - Optional,
SC18.1 Coloured coded Steel Grill
Black, White or custom colour
Metal Handles on either side of box, Metal Corner handles on top and bottom of box
Flying Points:
TB12891 - 16 x M10 bolt points
Rubber Feet:
4 x Rubber feet on Base
2x Neutrik Speakon NL4

Frequency Response
Frequency Response:
20Hz – 20KHz
Apt-TB1281 & SC18.1 Tour Package - 20Hz – 20KHz


Optional Extras
NL8 Connectors
Protective Metal Grill
Tilt Board

Recommended Settings & Accessories
Crossover Settings:


SC18.1: 35Hz Butt 24dB – 100Hz Butt 12dB
Crossover Low Mid ±1: 100Hz Butt 18dB – 400Hz Butt 18dB
Crossover high mid + HF  ±2: 400Hz Butt 12dB – Out



25Hz LR 24dB
100Hz LR 24dB
With Top Pack 125Hz LR 24dB

Time Correction

Sub: 0.583ms
Low Mid: 0.0ms
High Mid & HF: 0.437ms

EQ Settings


18.1KHz, High Shelf, +2dB
3KHz, -3dB, 5Q
61Hz, +2dB, 10Q
41Hz, +3dB, 5Q


63Hz, +3db, 15Q 


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