Working towards Carbon Net Zero

Over the last few years we have been making changes to reduce our carbon footprint but also hoping to save some cash in the process.

We began in 2018 with a small solar array on the roof of our workshop. Since then we have invested in:

🌎 paper box tape
🌎 recycled plastic packaging and foam corners
🌎 more solar panels and storage batteries 
🌎 a new, more efficient air compressor reducing the amount of stain we use by approximately 50%
🌎 an air source heat pump to heat the office
🌎 bringing more of our processes in house such as metal work and plastic cutting
🌎 using solvent free paints and stains

Our most expensive and exciting investment to reduce our carbon footprint to date is our new CnC machine.

This new toy for the workshop will run 3 times faster than our existing model, speeding up cutting time and productivity in the workshop.

We’re always looking for more exciting and innovative ways to improve,  and we’re excited to see what 2024 brings.

Our SMV32’s have been flying out of the workshop the last few weeks! Why not contact one of our sales team to day to discuss your video or sound requirements.

Please remember that to ensure timely delivery before our Christmas shutdown, all units must leave our workshop by Friday, 15th December.