Behind the Scenes…

2024 production video to showcase speaker and video product building in the heart of Cornwall UK

Explore our expanding selection of custom cabinets and our market-leading Teleprompter range. Witness the precision of our in-house CNC work taking place at our Cornwall factory.

Our specialised small-batch OEM utilises 50-year-old Baltic birch exclusively. Sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests, our cabinet wood boasts a full outdoor rating and a remarkable 50-year submersible shelf life.

Designed with a durable hard coating, our cabinets are built to last, showcasing exceptional scratch resistance and the ability to withstand the rigours of touring’s rough and tumble.

The aluminium coating not only preserves crucial weight but also enhances durability, providing ruggedness and protection against corrosion.

Our units are securely fixed and bonded, guaranteeing prolonged longevity and durability. This construction not only prevents moisture ingress but also safeguards against swelling.

The units are stained and finished with textured paint, ensuring a hardwearing and durable exterior that can withstand anything thrown at it.

We offer customisation options for all products, allowing you to choose bespoke colours, and modify unit specifications. Personalise your product further by having your own logo design routed into any of our cabinets, guaranteeing a high-quality finish that you’ll love.

Our custom electronics and in-house built crossovers are meticulously designed to optimise performance, ensuring perfect sound and aesthetics.

Each unit undergoes thorough testing and meticulous checks before being shipped. Quality control is a fundamental aspect of our process, and nothing leaves our factory without receiving our seal of approval.

And of course we are proud to manufacture our products right here in the heart of Cornwall. Ready to be shipped to an ever growing roster of global customers in the touring industry.