Launceston Town Hall re-fit features Apt-GB Speakers

Our brand new 12″ multi-purpose coaxial cabinets, The Apt-GB IC12A, are already packing a punch at Launceston Town Hall where they have been installed as part of a re-fit undertaken buy Event Services SW Ltd. We are delighted to hear that our speakers have provided the Town Hall with a low-vis, high impact and high quality installation that it was looking for, not to mention this wonderful endorsement by the Event Services SW team, who we look forward to working with again:

Event Services SW Ltd  choose Apt-GB loudspeakers for Launceston Town Hall refit


‘Cornwall-based technical support specialists, Event Services SW, chose loudspeaker systems from fellow Cornish company, Apt-GB, for their recent refit of Launceston Town Hall. This civic venue is very well used, hosting everything from martial arts and fitness through to touring classical music, amateur and professional touring dramatics, weddings, live bands and conferences.  The venue also hosts a highly popular Cinema Club. Designing an installation to please all these users gave Events Services’ design team a chance to demonstrate their extensive specialist skills and knowledge, especially on a reasonably restricted budget.

This fine Gothic style Town Hall complex is also a listed building, (referred as ‘Hogwartsian’ in a Times review of a recent debut professional performance) so, as company director Stuart Hynd explains, “A big part of our remit was to lessen the visual impact of the previous inadequate technical installation on the building, whilst at the same time making the installation more flexible and bringing the technology up to date. It was important to allow for future expansion and compatibility with incoming users equipment. It was as part of these considerations we decided to look for discrete compact loudspeakers in birch cabinets that could be colour coded to blend in to the building and so be less obtrusive. However, we also wanted a system with some real grunt behind it for the Cinema and live music aspects, whilst being able to produce crystal clear vocals for conferencing and theatre”.

The company approached Graham at Apt-GB who arranged a demonstration with several cabinets and, after some consultation, the system was designed using one pair of Apt-IC12A, one pair of Apt-TCH10 and two pairs of Apt-TC0.6Stuart explains, “These were all selected for their excellent performance and compact size. Apt-GB supplied us with unfinished cabinets so our scenic workshop could work their magic matching the 150 years old varnish and heritage paint finishes.”

The system is completed with Proel amplification and subs and an Allen and Heath (yet another Cornish company!) QU series desk with various accessories. The Apt-GB speakers are all wall mounted and offer a very discrete solution. Upon entering the Hall they are hardly noticeable, but their shyness disappears when used in anger! Recently the Town Hall has hosted gigs by ‘The Oasis experience’ and ‘Three Daft Monkeys’ both of whom were amazed at the quality and performance of the system.  Tom Henderson, lead Sound Engineer for Event Services SW says “The system handles whatever I ask it to do, I’m amazed at the flexibility of the cabinets and have total confidence that whatever I ask of them, they’ll deliver. My biggest worry is rattling the leaded-glass windows too much!”

Stuart Hynd also says, “We are delighted with the Apt-GB Loudspeakers, as is our client and their venue users. Working with Graham and the staff at Apt-GB has been an absolute pleasure. Graham works very hard to ensure he provides the right solution for the task, its not all about the designer name or price tag with Apt-GB, its about good solid engineering principles, good acoustic design and overall value for money backed by outstanding customer service. I am sure we will be continuing to work with Apt-GB on future projects as they introduce new and exciting products to their portfolio.’


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