Great video from MPB sound and light.

A big thanks to Mike at MPB sound and light for all their hard work installing the CL range of column speakers into some great churches.

Mike said “I have always tried to listen to speakers before buying them rather than playing a game of chance with customer installations, so when Pete from PCM Distribution introduced the new range of speakers from APT-GB I asked if he could let me hear some.

Pete brought a range of speakers from the CL4.4 through to the SC15.1 15” Sub, I was impressed by the build quality but would they sound as good as they looked?

What sounds good is subjective, and is influenced by whether you liked the style of music being played, so I also used calibrated tones to check the speakers performance as well as my favourite music and recorded speech.

All the speakers I listened to from the CL’s through to the 12” full range speakers have a rich rounded sound and all of them perform well with frequencies from 18khz through to 125hz, and if you want to emphasise the bass the subwoofers are a great companion to the full range speakers.

I do a lot of installations for churches and until hearing the CL4.4 I had not found an affordable solution to the problem of achieving great sound in a discrete speaker.

Dealing with Graham at APT-GB Through Pete at PCM Distribution has the following advantages:

  • UK designed and built speakers means great customer support
  • No long waits for stock to arrive from overseas
  • Options on custom colours and wiring when you order
  • If you want to hear a speaker in action they will do their best to arrange a demo for you

I wanted a speaker that offered a high quality audio reproduction across both speech and music, it would also need to be discrete so as not to stand out like a sore thumb when installed into a typical country church, many of which are grade 1 or grade 2 listed.

Previously I have had to use conventional 8 inch two way speakers from other suppliers as a compromise to sound quality and size, not always winning complements on the visual appearance.

I installed my first CL4.4  speakers with some anxiousness, I need not have worried, installed using the powerdrive 75 brackets at a slight downward angle and a height of 7 meters a single pair covered a church naive 15 meters wide and 25 meters long evenly with sound. The volume remained the same throughout  the naïve and the quality is superb.

For a much larger modern church which seats 330 I have used the CL8.4, again the coverage is even throughout the building with the same high quality. This time I included a crossover to protect the speakers from the very low bass generated by a bass guitar.

I look forward to working with Graham at APT-GB Through Pete at PCM Distribution on future projects.”

Plus this great video shows some of their sites and the reasons why they used the CL4.4 and CL8.4 speaker cabinets.

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CL4.4  is the 4x 4″ column array

CL8.4 is the 8x 4″ column array

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