Cube Array install by Specialist Lighting 

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Nigel (from Specialist Lighting and Eurosound) for some time now, and we recently provided him with our services for another project. Let’s hear what he had to share about his experience.

“We have dealt with APT GB from when they first started manufacturing, and can fully recommend first hand not only the quality of their products, but also the impressive knowledge and customer service.

We have installed multiple products from APT GB in various environments, and they have always fulfilled, if not exceeded our requirements.

Graham is not only a very likeable guy, but also holds a wealth of knowledge and is always pushing boundaries and up for a challenge to make audio work in any given situation.

The CLF564 of which we have installed many, are an excellent product for hard surface and large areas, such as multifunction sport halls where we have utilised these without the need for other cabinets being used as fills, due to the excellent propagation of signal from them.

We were recently tasked with installing an audio system into a school hall, where the client was not keen to have any floor mounted subwoofers, and the mounting points were approximately 5m from the floor. After a discussion with Graham, he advised on a product which was purely in the design stage which is now known as the cube array. 

Due to the level of trust which I have with Graham and APT GB, I did not hesitate and decided to install these units along with their DSP amplifiers.

The hall is approximately 19.5m wide and approximately 28m in length. We installed 4no cube array 25 fed from 1no QDSP 10K amplifier, and 4no IC8 as fills fed from 1no QDSP 2K amplifier. As usual I expected the Cube Array to be good (even though I didn’t know the full dispersion plots etc), but good doesn’t even cut it. This product is absolutely phenomenal, quite tight in dispersion of the HF and the LF creating a floor shake which you would normally find from floor mounted subwoofers. All this from 1 box mounted 5m in the air. Totally fit for our clients’ requirements, along with the usual audio quality which is a given from APT GB.

I cannot recommend this product enough, and totally see how this product can be adapted to various configurations, which gives it a remarkable level of versatility.”