Arktech AV making it match in Mayfair

We were recently instructed by Arktech AV to complete a job for an upmarket restaurant in Mayfair, which included: 25 x IC5’s custom colour, 6 x SC208 (custom made from our exciting design to fit into a specific location onsite) and 6 x QA-2k amp. The IC5’s were requested to be a custom colour, they were working with an architect and interior designer so all colours had to be exact to match the overall design. The SC208’s were adapted from our original design but ranged in dimensions to fit in the desired location.

We have been working with Matt for years and when he came to us about custom colour we were more than happy to oblige. 

Here’s what Matt wrote about the job:

Matt Johns:

I started ArkTech AV just after the COVID lockdown, having previously worked at another AV install company. Taking advantage of a gap in the market for providing a complete solution for install projects, offering audio visual, networking, wifi & CCTV services all in one. We pride ourselves on offering an extremely high level of customer service, with meticulous attention to detail. We focus on building strong customer relationships, whilst maintaining a fair and honest approach to our working relationships with both customers and suppliers. Having worked with Graham for many years, APT is always one of the first suppliers considered for our projects. High quality, great sounding products and supporting another local UK business are all key factors for this.

The recent project: The bar is “20 Berkley” in Berkley Square, Mayfair.

I used a soundweb Blu-100 & Blu-Bob to run the audio processing for the 6-zone system which is controlled via iPad using the HiQnet app.

Using the QA-4K amps was an efficient way to power the entire venue without running into a huge rack space. 

Space was at a premium on this project, with every millimetre being accounted for. Especially for the hidden subwoofers, which Graham kindly adapted for me to fit within the tight space. The IC5 cabinets were a great compromise for a small footprint whilst still delivering a top quality sound.

The speaker cabinet custom colour option was a huge advantage in addressing the design brief and high quality standards, enabling the design to be mirrored into the AV installation. 

If you want to get in touch with Matt to enquire about your installation needs please get in touch with matt on