Apt-GB receives more praise

We recently provided MBP Sound & Light with three pairs of our ultra compact column speakers (Apt-CLF532) for installation in a Wesleyan Methodist Church in Stourport. Here Mike, of MBP Sound & Light shares why he chose Apt-GB speakers and why we are his supplier of choice:

” Why we chose to use the Apt-CLF532 for this install in Stourport


MPB sound and light Ltd selected APT-GB as our supplier of choice for high quality British manufactured speakers after hearing some of APT’s original speakers at our premises in Worcester.

Since then Graham at APT has been continually developing new and innovative speaker systems across the install and touring audio market.

We provide a large number of installations into houses of worship and the key factors which we look for include:

  • Audio quality
  • Minimum visual impact
  • Sound coverage
  • True power output
  • Backup and support

An added benefit only offered by APT is the ability to specify the finish of the speakers, Graham has supplied us with Oak, Stone colour (various), Black and White finishes to suit our different install locations.

In every location I have installed Graham’s speakers the feedback from my clients on the quality of the sound has been superb.

custom colour column speaker

The install

This traditional Wesley designed Methodist chapel has a full height ceiling and horse shoe balcony area with further seating extending backwards from the upper balcony.  The result of this is 3 distinct zones, each of which has its own audio requirements.

  1. The upper side balconies and centre area
  2. The upper square tiered seating beyond the balcony
  3. The ground floor sides under the balcony

I wanted the proven reliability, sound quality, and visual appearance of APT’s column speakers in a format that would allow me to use 3 matched pairs, each pair with their own amplifier, and timed using a speaker management system.

I needed to be sure that I could control the volume for each zone and set the angle of the speakers so that wherever you stand in the building, and as you walk through the building, the volume and audio quality remains the same.

The Apt-CLF532 enabled me to achieve this because of its design, consistent performance, and excellent properties of avoiding feedback when correctly positioned.

My clients said how impressed they were that not only could they hear perfectly but that the sound felt entirely natural when the person leading addressed them, seeming to come directly from that person and not any particular speaker.

Mike Belham

Managing Director of MPB Sound and Light”

Thank you to Mike for this great review!